Optima Coffee Ltd 2006/16
T: 07719 926 205
Free UK Delivery
Free Artwork
ad space
  • SIZE: .. Approx. 100 sq cms (multiple spaces available)

  • CONTENT: ..Text and graphics

  • COLOURS: ..Up to six colours available on a natural cotton background

  • FORMAT: ..Any standard windows format, such as JPG/GIF/PDF/PNG

  • FREE: ..We would love to create an advertisement for you

  • To ensure maximum legibility when printing directly onto natural cotton it is advisable to keep font sizes to a minimum of 4mm. If text is to be revealed only by using colour ink as a backdrop the minimum font size should be 5mm. At these minimum sizes font types should be plain and the boldness option turned off.

    By using font sizes greater than the minimum a much wider range of font types can be used and the boldness option turned back on. Bearing the above in mind, it is advisable to restrict the number of text lines to five or six.
    we aim to create the most recognised bag on your high street
    be part of the future
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