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We have all seen Sainsbury's and Tesco shopping bags.

More importantly, we have all made the connection between their bold colours, distinctive styles and overall appearance. As a result we can identify them even when spotted halfway up a tree. The supermarkets know this. Thatís why they hand out so many free bags.
So the bags work from an advertising perspective because they are bold, distinctive and very familiar. Itís Your Go shopping bags work on the same principle.

Not only is every Itís Your Go shopping bag bold and distinctive. But with thousands hitting your local streets annually, they will quickly become one of the most familiar bags on the high st. Their durability will ensure that they remain in the public domain for many, many, many years to come.

Moreover, by sharing space, we can put your name on eco bags for a tiny fraction of the cost other suppliers charge.

We take a fresh, different & exciting approach to advertising. Why not put us to the test.
It's Your Go produces three types of directory. The Student Directory is aimed at first year students attending local universities, while the General Directory is handed out to all local households.

Please click on the links below to find out more about each directory.

Given free to students
Student Directory
General Directory
School Directory
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