Optima Coffee Ltd 2006/16
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  • COVERAGE: Hit 2,000 local households (over 4,600 people*) wherever you want

    Two thousand local households of your choice will receive an It's Your Go Shopping Bag & Local Directory through the post. Everyone will be curious as to why a resuable shopping bag has just landed on their doorstep. Such a large number of the same bag distributed simultaneously is bound to attract a great deal of attention. Advertisers can opt to receive their quota of bags.

  • ENDURANCE: Stay in the public domain for years to come

    Every bag is likely to be used by consumers on a daily or weekly basis for shopping trips or just carrying goods around. They are strong enough to carry the heaviest of items but lightweight enough to fold up and put in your pocket or handbag

  • COMPETITION: No local competition

    Only one local company per product catagory will be allowed to advertise on each bag

  • AFFORDABLE: Prices start from just 125

    We can really design, produce and distribute your advertisement from as little as 125 - that just 6.25 pence per bag - for a bag with 12 standard size adverts. Bags with fewer or larger adverts will cost a little more.

  • OUTSTANDING: Limited number of advertisements

    Every bag will display no more than 12 advertisements (usually just 8) in fresh, vibrant colours.

  • IMPACT: Multiple spaces available for added impact

    A Standard advertising space covers 90 square centimetres. Buy as many spaces as you like for enhanced impact. Perhaps you are a retailer in a shopping parade who might be interested in sharing the cost of a much bigger space advertising the whole parade.

  • ECO-FRIENDLY: Helping to protect the environment

    By helping to reduce the number of plastic bags that find their way into landfill sites across the country and litter the landscape, your company will be supporting a unique green initiative aimed at improving the environment for everyone.

    * Based on an average household size of 2.31 people - source: 2001 Census
  • we aim to create the most recognised bag on your high street
    be part of the future